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A swimming pool is viewed by many as a luxury. But, to some, it is a burden that's taking up valuable space. If you're in the latter category, then you need the reliable Kyle, Texas swimming pool removal services of Remove A Pool. We can remove any pool of any size and shape. We have the [...]

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West Lake Hills

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A property that contains a swimming pool is often viewed as a luxury. But, for many homeowners who have a swimming pool, it is more of a burden and far from a luxury. Perhaps, you own a pool that no longer fits in with your family's changing lifestyle. Maybe you would like to grow a vegetable [...]

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Wells Branch

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A swimming pool is supposed to be fun. But, if you've arrived at a time where your pool is more work than fun, then it might be time to consider the services of Remove A Pool. A family's needs change over time. Maybe your pool was used primarily by the kids. But, now they are grown [...]

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Has your family outgrown your backyard swimming pool? Are you ready to say goodbye to all the work and extra expenses that come with pool ownership? When it's time to call a swimming pool removal company, contact us here at Remove A Pool. We're your local, full-service pool demolition experts, and we have the specialized equipment, [...]

Cedar Park

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Are you considering removing a swimming pool in Cedar Park, Texas? Are you trying to find a pool removal company to ensure professional results? We at Remove A Pool provide dependable pool removal services at an affordable price. Removing your unused swimming pool allows you to reclaim yard space for your next project. Why Hire Us? [...]


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Thinking about removing a swimming pool in Georgetown, Texas? Whether you'd like to free up space in your yard, eliminate the high costs of pool ownership, or replace your aging pool with a new, modern one, we're here to make getting rid of your pool simple and stress-free. We're Remove A Pool, your pool demolition specialists, [...]

Round Rock

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Are you planning a new backyard project or landscaping theme? Is your old swimming pool in the way? Acting as a leading community resource, Remove A Pool offers high-quality swimming pool removal services in Round Rock. Along with creating a new landscape or other backyard projects, we at Remove A Pool hear numerous reasons for removing [...]


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Removing a swimming pool in Austin, Texas, is a big decision but it is one with a number of benefits to offer. If you are ready to get rid of your existing pool, and perhaps replace it with open grass, a new entertainment space, or even a new pool, our team at Remove A Pool can [...]

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