Are you considering removing a swimming pool in Cedar Park, Texas? Are you trying to find a pool removal company to ensure professional results? We at Remove A Pool provide dependable pool removal services at an affordable price. Removing your unused swimming pool allows you to reclaim yard space for your next project.

Why Hire Us?

If you are wondering why you should hire Remove A Pool, consider the following:

  • Free Estimates: Our technicians will go over all of your pool removal details to provide you with a free estimate.
  • Paperwork Assistance: Providing a hassle-free experience, we do all the paperwork to obtain the necessary permits. We check local ordinances and other restrictions for removing a swimming pool.
  • Safety First: Our experts follow all safety protocols. If needed, we disconnect any remaining utilities and drain the swimming pool.
  • Experience: Our highly skilled team has experience in efficient pool removal service. Engaging in environmentally friendly practices, our vast experience allows us to remove your pool with minimal impact on the rest of your property.
  • Right Equipment: Pool removal requires industrial grade equipment, tools and other machinery to deliver premium results. Providing top of the line equipment ensures fast, efficient service for your swimming pool removal needs.
  • Recycle: During the cleanup process, our team removes concrete, bricks and other usable materials for recycling.

Our Premium Cedar Park, Texas Swimming Pool Removal Services

Every year, numerous homeowners decide the time is right to get rid of the swimming pool. Removing a swimming pool saves money on utilities, reduces liabilities, eliminates hazards and increases selling potential.

Remove A Pool offers two choices for removing a swimming pool in Cedar Park, Texas.

  • Partial Removal: Our team starts by breaking down the concrete walls. We drill holes in the bottom for proper drainage. We simply leave the pool’s remaining structure in the ground. Generally, partial removal has a faster turnaround rate at a lower cost.
  • Full Removal: Our team removes every piece of your swimming pool from your property. The pool will not be a future issue if you plan to build on the site.

We finalize our process by filling in the remaining holes with gravel and topsoil. If you need extra services, our team is able to grade and prep the site for future building. We can work with your contractor to meet your individualized needs.

Are ready for your free estimate? Or do you have questions about our processes or see our testimonals? Contact us today at Remove A Pool. We are here to answer all of your questions.