Are you planning a new backyard project or landscaping theme? Is your old swimming pool in the way? Acting as a leading community resource, Remove A Pool offers high-quality swimming pool removal services in Round Rock.

Along with creating a new landscape or other backyard projects, we at Remove A Pool hear numerous reasons for removing a swimming pool in Round Rock, Texas. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • The pool goes unused for weeks at a time.
  • The pool needs major renovations or complete replacing.
  • The pool’s maintenance and cleaning keep rising.
  • You are preparing to sell your home. Removing the swimming pool will attract more potential buyers.
  • You want to reduce your utility consumption.
  • The pool is a hazard to your young children, grandchildren, or pets.

Premier Round Rock, Texas Swimming Pool Removal Services

At Remove A Pool, we believe in complete customer service at each stage of the pool removal process.

  • Free Estimate: Remove A Pool provides each our customers with free, no-obligation estimate. Simply call or fill out the “Contact Us” form on our website. At this time, we will go over all the details of your Round Rock, Texas swimming pool removal.
  • Permits: Our team researches the rules and restrictions for pool removal in your area. Providing a stress-free experience, we fill out the necessary paperwork to obtain the proper permits.
  • Safety Procedures: Arriving on a predetermined date, we will analyze your pool area. If needed, we remove any remaining utility connections and drain the pool.
  • Pool Demolition: Our experts will either engage in the partial removal or complete removal of your swimming pool. The choice depends on you. Partial swimming removal requires our team to break down the concrete walls, drill holes in the bottom, and leave the rest of the pool in the ground. Whereas complete swimming removal requires our team to remove every part of your pool.
  • Fill In: After the pool removal process is complete, our experts fill in the open cavities with gravel and soil. We pack and smooth the area for optimal results. If needed, we are able to extend our services to grade and prep the site for your next building project.
  • Recycling: We at Remove A Pool engage in recycling efforts. During the cleanup process, we sort usable materials for recycling. Following local, state and federal guidelines, we properly dispose of the rest of the debris.

Do you have any questions about our quality swimming pool removal & demolition services? We are ready to help. Please contact us at Remove A Pool today.